50 Campfires

50 Campfires


More than 28 million people go in car camping each year (camping within ¼ mile of your car or home), yet there are very few media options for reaching this audience. Primer 180 developed a digital media platform aimed at this group called 50 Campfires. The intent of 50 Campfires was to become influential with brands, locations, and consumers.

Today, the ecosystem consists of a robust website, vibrant social media (460,000+ Facebook Likes; 4,100+ Twitter followers; 5,900+ Pinterest followers), a monthly e-magazine (subscriber-based), annual Gear of the Year Awards, and special 50 Campfires events. And now sponsorship/advertising packages are now being offered. All together, a strong and loyal fan base is gaining momentum and new platforms will be introduced as 50 Campfires matures.




50Campfires.com is the center of the 50 Campfires Digital EcoSystem. Millions of annual visitors use the site as a resource for the best gear reviews, interviews, recipes and locations. With 99% of overall traffic coming from sources within North America, and an average time on site of 2 minutes – 50Campfires.com truly has become a Car Camping authoritative domain.



Leveraging Primer 180’s deep editorial background, the 50 Campfires Magazine is published digitally on the first of each month. Distributed to ten’s of thousands of camping enthusiasts around the country, the 50 Campfires Magazine provides a direct contact between the 50 Campfires brand, enthusiasts and advertisers on an ongoing cycle.




With hundreds of hours spent hands-on testing and reviewing the latest and greatest outdoor gear, 50 Campfires is well positioned to suggest and recommend the gifts that outdoors people love to receive. Presented as a special annual issue of the 50 Campfires Magazine, the Holiday Gift Guide provides a one-stop resource to research your best holiday list…ever.



Primer 180 brought the insight to 50 Campfires that consumers love to consume rich media content when browsing for recreation online. Through a combination of long and short form pieces, consumers view more than 7,500 hours of video annually on 50 Campfires video platforms. In addition to instructional and entertainment pieces, 50 Campfires turns trips to industry trade shows into week-long content gathering trips, uploading fresh and new products often before the manufacturers themselves.



Supporting specific seasons and themes, 50 Campfires produces annual promotions that are on-time and on-target for the car camping community. The longest and most wide-reaching promotion, Amp Your Camp runs during peak summer camping season – providing opportunity for endemic manufacturer partners to connect with campers during peak buying season.




Each year, the 50 Campfires editorial team compiles and refines lists of the best and brightest new products in the outdoor and camping industry. Through debate and refinement, the team narrows down the list to a handful of products spread across seven categories. These products are then awarded the 50 Campfires Gear of The Year wooden plaque, and gain bragging rights for the year to come. The 50 Campfires award has shown up everywhere from major media to consumer packaging, making it a truly trend-driving award platform.




As new technology emerges, 50 Campfires is riding the edge of what’s next with regard to communicating with consumers. The popular Daily Outdoor Periscope session is proof to this exploration and experimentation with technology.