Are OutdoorsMEN Using Pinterest?

Are OutdoorsMEN Using Pinterest?

I’ve heard the argument time and time again: “Our audience isn’t on Pinterest.” It seems to be a mantra among companies operating in the outdoors enthusiast space. The common belief is, somehow, fishermen; hunters; and shooters are immune to this social platform.

I get it. Pinterest had its upbringing on quilting, weekend craft projects, and more ways to cook a tomato than I care to imagine. The platform itself is rooted in the idea of “boards” which to many in the outdoors community sounds too much like “scrapbooking.”

The reality is, times have changed. Sure, there are still tips for making your own candles at home – but they are offset with mountains of knives, guns, prepping, and concealed carry links. The truth is, men are migrating to and adopting Pinterest at a growing rate. Earlier last year, the Pew Research center reported that 16 percent of adult, male internet users are currently using the platform. Roughly, that’s about 21 million men who currently use Pinterest.

Real_Avid_Pistol_Tool_Pinterest_PinFrom a business standpoint, Pinterest presents a unique opportunity for manufacturers and marketers. It’s one of the only social media platforms where just about all the content shared is designed to lead users to other websites. It’s baked into their cake. For businesses, this means a well organized and managed Pinterest account can lead to a new visitor stream directly to their website – with sales, fans and awareness following.

Don’t believe me? Here at Primer 180, we have a hunting and shooting client who sells direct to consumers through their website. They employ a social strategy that includes Pinterest, as well as Facebook and Twitter. In 2015, 61% of their social traffic came directly from links on Pinterest – leading to a healthy chunk of direct sales revenue–all of this by simply incorporating their product and brand messaging into the mix.

At least, test the Pinterest platform for yourself. Sign up for an account, and start searching around. Weather you’re looking for the newest camo patterns or the perfect holster for concealed carry, I believe you’re going to be surprised as to what you find.

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