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Moose hunt is one option for grand prize in QOF QUD Sweepstakes.

Quebec Seeks Winners To Hunt, Fish

Fellow Primer 180-ians! You may not know it, but Everfire and Primer 180 provide services in support of promoting the Quebec Outfitters Federation's (QOF) "Quebec Ultimate Destination Sweepstakes." It's a unique promotion because it offers two grand prizes and allows entrants to pick their own...

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It’s The Little Things

If you’ve ever visited the “cabin,” you know that we’re not fancy. We don’t have lavish offices with amazing views of downtown. We don’t have fresh flowers everywhere, and people dress casually and comfortably. We care more about our work than our appearances. More about...

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The new Namby-Pamby campaign for Zippo showcases the Zippo Hand Warmers and highlights their superior qualities. Developed for the winter season, this quirky and fun campaign targets key markets and supports local retailers. Our challenge was to create break-through creative, develop an effective digital media strategy...

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