Authenticity or Good Bye

Editor’s Note: It’s time for a game, fans of P180! The following post contains a concrete example of inauthenticity planted specifically to see if you can catch it. The text cites numerous real examples of real life flubs, but those don’t count. The inaccuracy you’re...

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The new Namby-Pamby campaign for Zippo showcases the Zippo Hand Warmers and highlights their superior qualities. Developed for the winter season, this quirky and fun campaign targets key markets and supports local retailers. Our challenge was to create break-through creative, develop an effective digital media strategy...

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Embracing Liminal Spaces

Have you ever experienced liminal space? Liminal comes from the Latin word limens, which means, "threshold." As in, you are moving on from something that is known, comfortable and normal, but have not yet arrived at a new place. It could be a literal move...

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