The Death of Facebook Click Bait?

There’s a revolution brewing on Facebook. If you’re a brand, you’ve surely been impacted – and if you haven’t, you’re in the minority. There’s a new algorithm in town, and it’s aimed directly at the heart of brand and business Facebook pages. The recently unveiled algorithm...

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How Does Facebook Target Ads?

Facebook advertising has quickly become a main vein in any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. I mean, who knows more about your customer than Facebook? Facebook knows about your hobbies, it knows where you go on the weekends, and even knows about your ex-crush from high...

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Instagram Multiple Account Switching!

If your brand uses Instagram, you’re well aware of the pain that’s associated with switching back and forth between multiple Instagram accounts. Logging out….manually entering your credentials….logging back in. I’ve personally felt this pain when using Instagram for clients at trade shows. Sharing an event...

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