The Death of Facebook Click Bait?

The Death of Facebook Click Bait?

There’s a revolution brewing on Facebook. If you’re a brand, you’ve surely been impacted – and if you haven’t, you’re in the minority. There’s a new algorithm in town, and it’s aimed directly at the heart of brand and business Facebook pages.

The recently unveiled algorithm is designed to return Facebook to its roots. The exec’s over at Facebook have realized that brands and businesses have been dominating the landscape, and that content based on potential impressions and click-throughs are no longer going to dominate a users news feed. Instead, they’ve shifted the focus to content that users are willing to share and comment on with their friends and family.

Facebook_ClickbaitOriginal content has long been the currency of social, and Facebook is no exception. What’s changed, is the type of content that will resonate within a particular user’s immediate friend-base. How well do you know and understand your “fans?” Is the content that you’re distributing share-worthy with their friends and family?

Just because a piece of content is capable of receiving a high-volume of click-throughs no longer means that it’ll be a successful piece of content, unless users are willing to interact with that content directly on their personal timelines. This will likely mean a shift in strategy for everyone from brands to media outlets – original content is good, but won’t be great unless you can convince your audience to show their college roommates.


Are you prepared for this shift? I’d love to hear what you’re doing to manage these changes.

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