Facebook Hates Ad Blockers

Facebook Hates Ad Blockers

For as long as Facebook has been around, there has been a mutter under the breath of a small (but vocal) group of users who believe that Facebook should be “free.” Sure, an account is free – and it doesn’t “cost” you anything to upload a photo of the new car that you bought over the weekend. Most rational people understand that their “free service” is being offset with advertisers – it’s the dollars that keep the machine running. It’s also these dollars that keep most online media and content outlets running – but I won’t get into that here.

So, what happens when users start installing and running ad blockers on their web browsers? You know, the software that detects, and then blocks advertisements from being shown? Up until yesterday, these ad blockers were preventing ads on Facebook from being displayed. That is, until Facebook decided that they couldn’t.

Facebook owns the ad servers, they own your data, they even own the picture of your car. They realized that they didn’t have to allow their ads to be blocked, and that they’d code them differently, essentially making them invisible to the ad blockers. Their hope? You won’t care.

Facebook commissioned a research firm to uncover why 70 million American’s currently use ad blocking software. The results were pretty interesting:

69% of respondents said they were “avoiding disruptive ads”
58% reported that ads slowed down their browsing experience
56% were concerned with security and malware risks

We’ll see if the ad blocker’s retaliate with new technology, or if Facebook will win this battle. For the time being, advertisers just opened up the doors to a much larger audience – many seeing their digital ads for the first time.

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If you’re the type that wants to avoid specific ads, Facebook does offer up a solution: