Land Of The Lost (social) Names

Land Of The Lost (social) Names

I recently ran an audit on the catalog of domain names that Revo Brand Group owns in its portfolio. Over the years we’ve acquired URL’s, purchased, traded and everything in between – on a mission to stockpile the best names on the web. Often these purchases come as a result of a creative brainstorming session, where although we’re not ready to pull the trigger – we know that we’d like to have a URL in our back pocket in case we ever need it. At current count, we have more than 500.

Managing a portfolio of secured domain names can be nearly a full time job in itself. Ensuring that billing doesn’t lapse, making the tough decisions on which ones to let go, thinking through the variable names that should be grabbed up to avoid confusion down the road. To be honest, it’s all very unrewarding work…until it’s not.

What happens when you turn one of your tucked-away brands live online? You’ve got the domain name, a great logo and a mission statement.

Then it hits you.

There’s an online gamer in the Netherlands who’s already scooped up all of the social profiles that match your brand. He’s got the Facebook page, Twitter handle – and he’s been uploading videos to YouTube under “your” name. This isn’t fantasy – I’ve seen it happen. Lots.

Sure, if you’ve got the time, energy and checkbook – you can work your way through the maze of acquiring your name from the guy in the Netherlands. Honestly, it’s probably too late.

Protecting a brand reputation has become the holy grail of the digital age we live in.

I’d like to share a secret to protect the identity of the unborn brand. Before you purchase that domain name – check out the web site: knowem. It searches more than 500 popular social networks, as well as the USPTO Trademark Database – and will show you what’s been gobbled up. It’s a simple one-stop to save agony and disappointment down the road.

If you’re really serious about the future of your brand, knowem also offers a service starting at $84.95 which offers a complete signup of the top 25 “most essential and popular” social media sites.

Your choice – plan ahead, or lose your brand to the Land Of The Lost Social Names.