My Passion Theory

My Passion Theory

A co-worker and I had a “lively” conversation about marketing, and now that I’ve reflected on it, I’m putting this out there for others who want a short lesson on passion – outside of the bedroom.

The discussion started innocently enough by talking about the future and expertise of Primer 180. And as we dove more deeply into this, I made the statement that we excel in enthusiast segments, such as shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, archery, and anything else that people do for a hobby. These are the activities people are passionate about – they do it because they love it, not because they have to. They spend their spare time and their discretionary dollars. And because of this, we market to them differently.

The passion people have for their hobby/sport changes everything. Consider the characteristics of an enthusiast segment:Pyramid

  • Shaped like a pyramid, enthusiasts segments typically have a small group of pros at the top who influence a larger group of avid participants, who influence an even larger group of novices;
  • Enthusiasts index above average for print readership (they read a lot about their special interest – they especially read the ads!);
  • They have “eagle eyes” and will call out anything that doesn’t look, sound or feel authentic;
  • They tend to be brand loyal;
  • Most enthusiast segments have associations or groups that participants join;
  • Participants are passionate, opinionated and vocal;
  • They love to share what they know, as well as what they have accomplished;
  • You can modify or affect their behavior if you understand their psychological mindset;
  • Enthusiast segments typically have specialty retailers.

Contrast all of these characteristics with consumers of general interest products such as toothpaste, cars, shampoo, or even department stores. Brands in these general interest categories market to consumers very differently. The bottom line is: It’s not enough for us to know how to shoot or hunt or fish or ski. Primer 180 is a house full of outdoor enthusiasts. But first, we are marketers, strategic planners, writers, social media experts, art directors, and media planners – who understand the nature of doing business in passion sports.

Want to talk about how this perspective can make a difference to your business? Call Primer 180.