Periscope + GoPro – Broadcasting From A Tree

Periscope + GoPro – Broadcasting From A Tree

Early social media adopters will likely already be familiar with the live video broadcasting app Periscope. In mid-2015 Periscope stormed onto the scene, giving users the ability to share their ‘scopes with the world via their smartphones. Since then, the Twitter-owned platform has continued to evolve and develop – consistently adding new features and improvements.

It was announced yesterday that action camera powerhouse GoPro would be integrated and supported on the Periscope app. Up until now, broadcasts were limited to the internal camera on your Andriod or iOS device. This new integration (which currently only works on Apple devices) recognizes the GoPro Hero 4 (Black & Silver) when one of the cameras is connected to your phone.

To add to the feature set, broadcasters have the ability to toggle back and forth between their internal Apple camera and the GoPro. Just want to use the GoPro? No problem! The app now has a “freeze” switch, which actually turns the iPhone screen off altogether – allowing you to go hands-free when broadcasting with the GoPro.

I’m sure we’ll see “hits” and “misses” with this integration over the next few months. Let me be the first to say, that this is a HUGE step forward in the concept of live broadcasting in social media. It’s obvious that both GoPro and Twitter are taking it very seriously….maybe you should too?