Primer 180 to Present OmniContent at POMA Conference

Primer 180 to Present OmniContent at POMA Conference

In mid-June the Professional Outdoor Media Association will hold its annual business conference attended by both working outdoor media members and corporate partners comprised of the largest, most influential outdoor brands in the world. Primer 180 will be there, too, presenting in separate sessions for POMA media and CPs.

The subject is OmniContent.

Wait … what … you don’t know what OmniContent is? Well, here’s the description POMA is using to hype Primer 180’s appearance:


OmniContent for Corporate Partners

You built your brand with care. It’s strong. It’s solid. It’s the foundation of everything your company is and will be. You know your core audience and where they live; yet to grow you must master new ways to reach them and, of course, cultivating customers in new audiences never hurts either.

You need OmniContent.

With OmniContent, every message in every kind of media … traditional, digital, purchased, earned, owned … supports your brand and delivers positive, authentic content to the target audience. OmniContent is omnipotent.

Primer 180 specializes in guiding outdoor companies from good content to the OmniContent summit and then to take the leap to previously unrealized effectiveness and ROI.

Primer 180 President Sarah Donnell, V.P. of Digital Strategy Nick Grzechowiak, and Executive Editor Bill Miller will share how OmniContent creation and delivery drives target audiences to take the actions you want. They will demonstrate how to harness the total communications ecosystem to cultivate and motivate your unique consumer base.


OmniContent for Media Members

POMA media members know the world has changed. Demand for content from traditional outlets is withering … in many cases nearly dead. Yet there’s still a demand for content. If you look in the right places, that demand is actually greater than it has ever been.

The buzzword today is “content marketing.” Properly done, content marketing achieves the tipping point at which it becomes OmniContent. That means its delivery is optimized across the total communications ecosystem and the result is new heights of response and ROI. Yet the foundation for it all is solid, authentic content, and that’s where the opportunities are for today’s content creators, i.e. POMA members!

Primer 180 specializes in leading outdoor companies to this exciting summit and taking the leap into the rarified air of OmniContent. In this session Primer 180 President Sarah Donnell, V.P. Digital Strategy Nick Grzechowiak, and Executive Editor Bill Miller will share the concept of OmniContent and explain the profit opportunities for content creators and help you tailor your content to fit multiple communications platforms for your clients.