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Primer 180 : SHOT Show Preflight

A week on the road means that there's always a few loose ends to tie up back home and at the office. We asked the Vegas-bound team a few questions before launch. [divider]Sarah Donnell[/divider] Sarah Donnell President : Primer 180 # of SHOT Shows: Sarah has seen a lot...

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The Importance of Being at SHOT

Throughout my career, I’ve had newcomers to the outdoor industry and other clients seeking media consultation ask me, “Is it really important that I / we attend SHOT Show?” My answer gets more convincing each year. The SHOT Show in Vegas in mid-January of 2016 will...

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10 Sure Steps to Avoid “SHOT Show Crud”

The scientific name is Basillyus pneumoseptic SHOTem. To the multitude of attendees at the annual NSSF Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show, it’s simply known as the “SHOT Show Crud.” Atlanta, New Orleans, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas – each locale delivers its own strain of...

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