The Importance of a Good Catchphrase

The Importance of a Good Catchphrase

It’s SHOT Show 2016. The last time I was on ESPN’s air was 20 years ago. Yet walking the show floor, enjoying Vegas hospitality after hours, and via social media posts during the show, I was greeted at least four times by the chorus of “Shoot More, Shoot More Often!”

Those are the words with which I ended each of the two-minute vignettes I hosted on ESPN and espn2 for 13 seasons, but back in the late 1980s and ‘90s. Each segment offered up a tip or brief review of gear for competitive shooting, recreational shooting, or hunting.

While I’d like to think it’s me folks remember, I’m more realistic than that. I guarantee when they see my face these two decades later, they don’t remember my name; they remember that catch phrase. To this day I find, people in places like airports are more likely to say, “Shoot more, shoot more often? Right?” than they are to say, “Bill Miller? Right?”

Honestly, I’ve asked some of these folks what they remember, and as many can recall our primary sponsor for the SMSMO segments was Federal Ammunition as remember my name is Bill Miller. A good catch phrase … repeated often enough … is virtually unforgettable!

The most memorable television is full of them. I’ll bet you can name every one of these characters by their catchphrases: “Doh!”, “Ay Carumba”, “Eat my shorts”, “Hidly Ho”, “EEEEXXX-cell-ent”, “If anyone wants me, I’ll be in my room.”

“The Simpsons” certainly knew (knows) the value of a good catchphrase. Who can argue with a show that lays legitimate claim to longest running American sit-com, longest running American animated program, and longest running American primetime scripted television series?

Never did we dream “Shoot more, shoot more often” would rank with “Where’s the beef?” and “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, but we’re not going to fight it.

And lest you think SMSMO is one-hit wonder in the outdoor world veteran biologist, writer, author, TV host, and outdoor celebrity widely known as Mr. Whitetail – Larry Weishuhn – experiences the same thing. For years he was featured in North American Hunter’s “You Call the Shots” magazine columns, videos, and TV segments. “You Call the Shots” presented a game animal in either a photo or video scenario, then a panel of outdoor celebrity judges (always including Larry) were called upon to say whether they’d take the shot or not.

Despite everything else he’s done in a career spanning nearly 50 years, including his current show “DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon” on Sportsman Channel, Larry says fans more often than not remember him for and greet him with “You Call the Shots.”

If you … or your brand … are seeking immortality, remember … the right catchphrase can be even more important than your name!