Using YouTube Blurring Effects

Using YouTube Blurring Effects

From time to time, we’ll shoot a piece of video for which we don’t acquire proper video releases. It’s bound to happen. Shoot video at any trade show or consumer event, and there’ll be someone standing in the background who didn’t sign a wavier. If we left if up to the legal team, they’d tell you that  footage needs to be left on the cutting room floor. Well, I’m here to show you a way to save the footage, and make the legal team happy at the same time: YouTube Blurring Effects.

YouTube is a powerful online video tool, and does so much more than simply “posting and playing” videos. When, who and what you decide to blur is completely up to you, I’m just going to give you the step-by-step on how to find and turn on blurring effects within your YouTube video editor.

First step: you need to upload your video to your YouTube channel. (I’m going to assume you already know how to do this.)

Next, play your video – and choose the “Enhancements” button, located directly below your video player. This will open a new window, and provide opportunities to stabilize the video, adjust the lighting and contrast, add slow motion and more. Towards the right hand column, you’ll see three tabbed options: “Quick Fixes”, “Filters” and “Blurring Effects”. Choose “Blurring Effects”.


Within blurring effects, you’re presented with another two options: Blur Faces and Custom Blurring.


Using the Blur Faces option, YouTube will automatically find and blur faces. While I’m sure this feature is great to edit out faces from a close-up product demo, there aren’t a lot of situations where I see a manufacturer taking advantage of this technology. However, below the Blur Faces option, the Custom Blurring option takes things to the next level.


Using a simple highlight function, you are able to select the item or person in the video that you’d like to blur – and YouTube will blur and track this item throughout your video. Genius!


Hopefully, this quick tip will save you  headaches with the legal department, and make you a rock star with your boss.

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